change text "start" in bottom of theme LookXP

  • Diego Armando Umba C


    I'll need to change the word "start" of bottom that It find it in the theme LookXP-WXPBlue to "Inicio", I don't have find nothing for change it and It is very important for the project that I'am doing.
    Congratulations for this project, It is very interesting.


    Diego Umba - From Colombia

    • Aislan Diego

      Aislan Diego - 2008-07-29

      Hi Diego.

      Here is the location where you can modify the Start Icon and others stuffs as you may require to your project.


      pay attention to check if you are running the same version as i am. Else, you just need to get in $HOME/.lxp-icewm and find yours.

      If there is anything else that we can do for you, please let us know!

      Is a pleasure to know that you are starting a project with LXP!


      • Diego Armando Umba C


        Thanks for it reply to I questions but:

        I installed the lxp-icewn debs that It's in this link, I belive that It's 0.2-1 version of lxp-icewm.
        I don't show the source folder in my user folder in linux.
        It appear themes/LookXP-WXPBlue in /usr/share/lxp-icewn.
        I could not change the "start" word for "inicio" in the bottom of toolbar.
        My Linux version is 8.04 of Ubuntu distribution.

        Thanks I hope that help me

        Diego Umba from Colombia

    • jefersondossantos

      Falae, Dá uma olhadinha no meu post no vivaolinux:
      E no meu blog: Qualquer dúvida estamos aí.

      • Aislan Diego

        Aislan Diego - 2008-07-30

        Nice Work... well explained and article about the LXP for Brazilian Community. Congratulations.

        Please keep using the English foreing since, the major guys over this project just understand it.

        See you.

        Bye Bye.

    • Aislan Diego

      Aislan Diego - 2008-09-11

      I'll investigate it.

      Actually im installing Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop Version and i'll install the same version yours and find out how to do it.

      See you.


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