#4 Play/Pause & Seeking support


Please, add seeking Play/Pause & Seeking support when transcoding.


  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2012-04-22

    I don't understand your question, seeking is in there, you can select one of the virtual files in the "Seek" folder from the filesystem. I do not know of any better way to support seeking for the DLNA protocol, if you do please let me know. Play/pause should work file though.

    (PS. Sorry for the long delay, I've been very busy lately)

  • jackc

    jackc - 2012-04-24

    Only working here (Panasonic BDT110) is STOP button. Pause isn't working. Seek by 2mins is fine, but i agree seeking by << and >> would be more user friendly. It works for me with Mediatomb.

  • Max

    Max - 2013-03-11

    I have the same problem. In previous versions the pause/play button worked fine. But I installed the version 0.3.4 in my ubuntu 12.04 right now and the pause/play button doesn't works anymore. There is something to do to fix this?

  • IntelliMoo

    IntelliMoo - 2014-04-08

    There must be some way to do seeking normally, e.g. oShare does here OK (but of course it doesn't support as many file types).


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