#2 More conservative and automatically profiles


There are so much devices and not all of them (maybe no one) are able to use all profiles (containers, codecs). Maybe it is better for regular users to use only common profiles for unknown devices ( => more transcoding) by default than activate all profiles and see "can't play".

The other thing is device detection. Prepared device profiles based on DLNA strings would be nice.


  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2011-12-21

    The idea of a DLNA/UPnP media server is that the server sends all profiles it supports and the client chooses one it likes. Unfortunately, many devices simply choose the first one or only look at the first few profiles sent. But it may be a good idea to disable High Definition video by default, because that is where things get fuzzy.

    Device detection is already in place, it looks at the HTTP User Agent string and if it is known enables the correct profiles. Currently I have only 3 devices in the database, so it needs to be filled.

  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2015-03-08
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release (example)
  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2015-03-08

    In version 0.5.0 I've added a setup assistant which can help the user select the correct profiles.


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