stefan.becker - 2011-10-02

Help for lxdvdrip

Please respect all copyrights when using this program.
The copying of a video DVD is permitted only for private purposes.
Removing copy protection is not allowed.

For details, see the German copyright protection law:

What is lxdvdrip?

lxdvdrip is a command line tool to make a copy from a video DVD for private Use.

It automates the process of DVD ripping, authoring, previewing and burning.


  • Automatic selection of the longest title<BR>
  • Automatic calculation of the re-quant factor<BR>
  • Automatic reading of the volume ID<BR>
  • Automatic chapter separation from the original<BR>
  • Ripping of the audio tracks in every language<BR>
  • Selection of the DTS audio tracks as default<BR>
  • Support for selection of two subpicture tracks<BR>
  • Support for ripping and re-authoring<BR>
  • Preview of VOB files with mplayer, xine, totem, kaffeine and vlc<BR>
  • Burning with growisofs or cdrecord, create iso-file<BR>
  • All program parameters can be stored in the config file as the program defaults<BR>
  • All parameters can be overwritten from the command line<BR>
  • Messages in English, French and German<BR>
  • Support for ripping of subpicture tracks<BR>
  • Copy main title w/o original menu<BR>
  • Copy DVD smaller than a DVD-R 1:1 with menus, > 4.7 GB with vamps, without menus.<BR>
  • Partial copy: copying of the selected titles from the DVD (dvdunauthor/vamps)<BR>
  • High quality backup (1 DVD9 => 2 DVD5)<BR>
  • Creating DVDs with menus for title, audio and chapter selection (dvdwizard)<BR>

Homepage and download:

The program requires the following tools to be installed:

  • dvdauthor: DVD structure (<BR>
  • mplayer: preview of VOB files (<BR>
  • growisofs or cdrecord: burning (<BR>
  • vamps, transcode and/or mplayer: to rip (vamps included,<BR>
  • dvdbackup: for 1:1 copy DVD < 4.7 GB (included)<BR>
  • vamps: for 1:1 copy DVD > 4.7 GB (included)<BR>
  • dvdwizard: for menu structure (<BR>

Download links and a list of all supported parameters can be found in the README files from the project archives.

It is possible to rip, re-quant and re-author the DVD in one step with vamps (lxdvdrip -st=vamps) or parallel transcoding (lxdvdrip -st=trans_par).

The traditional way to rip in 4 steps (rip video and re-quant, rip audio, mplex, dvdauthor) is supported as well. Use the command line parameter "-st=mplayer" to use mplayer or "-st=transcode" to use transcode.

lxdvdrip makes it possible to use all of the programs without giving any command line parameters.