#467 [lxterminal] Enhance tab renaming feature.


Here are some basic enhancements to lxterminal. I'm not sure if they'll be accepted but I had fun implementing them.

  • Instead of a separate dialog, tab renaming happens on the tab label itself (more intuitive).
  • If tabs not visible, show tab in order to rename.
  • Same menu entries to rename but also accessible through right-click on tab label.
  • Renaming now sets the tab tooltip as well.
  • Naming tab to empty string resets name to default.
  • 'Enter' saves name, 'Escape' aborts operation. (Should we also abort on focus-out?)
  • Gets rid of a small memory leak in the old rename dialog (g_strdup in terminal_name_tab_response_event() by removing the dialog entirely.

The patch applies to 0.1.11 because that is what I use but it should probably work on git without many changes.

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  • Fedor Piecka

    Fedor Piecka - 2014-05-21

    If I don't press enter or escape while editing the name but if I click into the terminal area, the name of the tab stays in editable mode. I can do this with more tabs too and all stay in editable mode.

    I think the name change should be cancelled if Entry looses focus...

  • Fedor Piecka

    Fedor Piecka - 2014-05-21

    Plus it would be great if after changing the name (enter) the focus returned to terminal. This isn't the case with your patch.

  • FinboySlick

    FinboySlick - 2014-05-21

    I'll add focus returning to terminal on enter, thanks for noticing that one.

    I wasn't sure what to do on lost focus.

    I left it as is so that people wanting to grab some text to paste as the name could do so. Essentially, I didn't want to stray too far from what the old dialog let you do. Overall though I think you're right and it adds confusion so I don't mind having changes cancelled on lost focus.

    I should have a patch ready with those two things later tonight. If anyone has arguments/ideas regarding behaviour on focus loss, speak now or forever hold your peace ;)

  • FinboySlick

    FinboySlick - 2014-05-21

    Here is the updated patch which adds:
    - Cancelling tab naming action returns focus to the current terminal.
    - Cancel tab naming action on focus-out-event.

    Usability question:
    This lets you rename a tab without switching to it. Should we automatically switch to it?


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