#12 lxterminal settings


This patch add:
1)Prefernces dialog added: change bakcground and foreground colors, scrollback lines, tabpanel position. Also it can change settings for all tabs and terminals after "OK"
2)All tabs now is reorderable
3)Resolve some warnings (for gcc-4.3.1)
4)Make tabs header is homogeneous and dynamic sizeable(this is commented in patch because gtk_label_set_ellipsize don't work as I expected. Please, see commented lines(152, 295, 324, 549) in patch and tell me where is wrong).


  • Michael Metsger

    Michael Metsger - 2008-08-29

    LXTerminal Settings patch

  • Michael Metsger

    Michael Metsger - 2008-12-20

    Updated patch(lxterminal-settings.patch) for current trunk of lxterminal. It's support scrollback-lines and tab-position options.
    File Added: lxterminal-settings.patch

  • Fred Chien

    Fred Chien - 2008-12-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> thiefghost
    • status: open --> closed
  • Fred Chien

    Fred Chien - 2008-12-26

    Thanks for your patch.

    It was applied already in SVN r1113.


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