do you mean " lxdm start well, but login to desktop crash the x server" ?
if so, then packager should modify /etc/lxdm/Xsession file as you os.

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From: "meets";
Date: 2011年9月28日(星期三) 凌晨5:12
To: "lxde-list";
Subject: [Lxde-list] LXDM 0.4.1 in PCLinuxOS - does not work fine -

I have tried a package done by a member of the PCLinuxOS community, in 2
machines and I meet with a different problem in each machine.

In one machine it works, day after day, in the other one it has started
crashing after a few sessions. The login failed, I could not get X to start.
So I used the ncurse drakedm to switch back to GDM.

This was on Sept 7th last time, and having done many tests, trying to
remaster a small spin of PCLinuxOS with Lxdm, and failing, I stopped for a

I just pasted the log here:

The one machine where it works is an IBM Thinkpad T60 (dual-core) with GC
using the driver intel i915 (Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS)

The one machine where it crashed is a Nec M160 (celeron 1.46 Ghz) with it
seems the same GC, using intel i915. I would also meet with another problem
in it if it worked.

PCLinuxOS for now uses usermod version 0.102. I have seen a 0.107 available
and asked for an update, but it has not been answered yet.

I notice each time I try to start a program which requires root priviledges
and relies on usermod-consolehelper, instead of being prompted a window for
the root password I get directly a message stating I entered the wrong
password : but I was not even prompted for one !

When I change the command, and use direct command from a root console, or if
I change the Exec line in the destkop file to use the direct command, then I
get a window prompting for the root password, and the program works fine
after. Example: draklive-install triggers this error message stating that I
provided a wrong password, before I had a chance to provide one...

Thanks for any followings : should I report either or at the bug tracker ?
Does someone want to examin the src rpm which has been used to make the
package I installed ?



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