I used to send three email, two for lxde-list one for brother@bsnet.se, no response
I don't know why, the mail archive at sf.net not show the email I sent too.
So I decide to release it myself.
------------------ Original ------------------
From: "Martin Bagge / brother";
Date: 2011年7月21日(星期四) 晚上10:50
To: "dgod";
Cc: "lxde-i18n";
Subject: Regarding LXDM 0.4.0(.1)
Hi dgod
Nice to see a new git tag in the repository and a file at sourceforge. Too
bad that you decided to in no way contact any other peeps around the

If you had done that we could have had a 0.4.0 with a new 100% translated
language. We even could have had some "old" languages with
updated/completed translations. Who knows?

Instead of the preferred order of events I will do a LXDM release
next Wednesday and I have initiated a translation update to help this up.

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