I'm sure there are no plans or work toward adding more things to lxtask
lxtask it self is not actively developed for some time.
Any patches are welcome.

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From:  "Jeremy C. Reed"<reed@reedmedia.net>;
Date:  Thu, May 24, 2012 09:08 PM
To:  "lxde-list"<lxde-list@lists.sourceforge.net>;
Subject:  [Lxde-list] adding more operating systems to lxtask

Any plans or work toward adding more operating systems support to

I see that the code was derived from xfce4 and their repo now contains
code for multiple operating systems.  Also I see a patch for lxtask for
FreeBSD at
(But really is not the standard FreeBSD way, but using proc filesystem
on FreeBSD.)

Any considering porting any of that work to lxtask?

It would be good to use some common library for this. Maybe one already
exists or maybe we can start one and share it with others. This is a
common need, but I am surprised I can't find it yet.

If this has already been discussed, can you please point me to the


  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. I am porting and using LXDE on NetBSD. Pkgsrc users can see the
many packages in the pkgsrc-wip collection.

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