I like both having folders and files (pcmanfm) and having icon launchers (lxlauncher) in my eeepc's desktop.
I think there should be some way for merging both functionalites at the same time.
A tricky way for doing that is via wmswallow and openbox's dock.
Wmswallow ( http://dockapps.org/file.php/id/102 ) is a little app that simply allows to send any application window to the dock. I had to compile it but was so easy.

I use it with pcmanfm or with lxlauncher with something like this in my autostart:

@pcmanfm -d
@wmswallow -geometry 700x480 pcmanfm
@wmswallow -geometry 700x480 lxlauncher

Now I have lxlauncher managing the desktop's background and I can make appear pcmanfm's desktop icons just moving the mouse to the right margin of the desktop.

Hope this little trick to be usefull for somebody.

(^<   -- May the source be with you