John, we do have a web page for our project but right now its down due to some troubles with the hosting, if you want to know more about our work take a look at http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_%28linux%29.

About C++, I have to say that it support in a native form the object oriented programing what enable to have the data and the functions related to it together and also encourage the code reusage. And over all it enables to put more of the business logic into the code, (less comments are needed). Comparing C and C++ in runtime the second is just a bit (very small bit) more resource hunger wich is the cost of the metadata asociciated to C++ objects. I have done a more detailed comparison but it is in spanish, if you are interested I can translate it to english.

In order to avoid that the next LXDE become a giant air ball I propose a monolithic architecture extensible through modules and use lightweight threading instead of FORK. If we do a efficient memory sharing the size of the overall system will be drastically reduced.

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