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> On 2010-11-04 10:18, Sam Wilson wrote:
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> > To be honest I find the state of the English translation of LXDE to be fairly poor, but there's no English translation available on the pootle server so I don't really know how to improve it. They are little things like capital letters in the wrong place and generally poor grammar. Here is an actual example from lxpanel: "Reserve space, and not covered by maximized windows".
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> > What shall we do? Call for a clean-up of language? Is there anything to do at all? Why don't we get a .po file available so that we can not only correct this mess but also begin to localise for the various official variants of English around the world.
> There were a person from the lubuntu project doing some clean up earlier
> but I do not think that has progressed anywhere.
> More or less all developers are Asian and does not use English as their
> mother tounge. I am not speaking English as mother tounge either as I am
> Swedish.
> If someone know about someone willing to proof read the code base and
> then do that as a continous work I am more than happy to collab with
> that person. It is indeed needed but it's not possible without that person.
> Ofc, strings like the one above could have been cleared by anyone else
> because that's just wrong =)
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I'll do it. Yes I am already translating for Norwegian, but I grew up bilingually and am fluent in English. What do I need? read/write access to their SVN or something?