I got the Vinux Debian Linux with speakup command line version .iso file. It actually runs speakup with software speech. I'd like to use this as a base to make a liteweight accessible Linux distro based on Debian well it's based on the latest debian lenny, but maybe upgrade to debian squeeze eventually. One problem though. I'm not sure if speakup will walk me through the install of lxde orca atspi brltty and stuff. second, I'm running this
in a virtual machine meaning so far I'm making the vm boot from the .iso as if the iso is a virtual cd-rom-drive. but in order to customise with lxde and stuff, like orca and the compiz magnifier for low vision people... and remaster, and give it to Tony the maker of Vinux I may need some help. I'm a real Linux newby. I did use DOS 15 or so years ago so I'm used to command lines and how they work. But it seems like thhis .iso has no installer.
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