On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 12:13 AM, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
Multi-monitor support is a long standing issue.
Here I'd like to ask everyone.
How should a muli-monior desktop bahave?
For the desktop panel:
1. one panel per monitor, configured separately
2. one panel exending to the external monitor
3. one panel staying on main monitor, no panel on the external one
4. one panel exending to the external monitor, but have the most important panel applets on the main monitor, and the rest on the external monitor
5. Other possibilities...
For the desktop icons manager, options are:
1. icons on main monitor only.
2. some icons on main monitor, others on the external monitors. (Then how to handle icon rearrangement when the external monitor is disconnected?)
3. others...
For wallpaper:
1. one wallpaper per monitor
2. one wallpaper extending to all monitors
3. others...
Things goes much more complicated since X supports XRandR, Xinerama, other vendor-specific solutions, X11 Display/Screen stuff. Implementation details for them are totally different. So how exactly should a desktop behave and be implemented? What will happen after Wayland is introduced and is widely accepted?
We had better have a conclusion on the specifications before anything is going to be implemented. Comments needed. Thanks!

  In my setup, I prefer:
One panel on main monitor, none on secondary OR mirrored panels on both.
Icons on main monitor only (actually, I prefer a clean desktop with no icons other than mounted devices).
One wallpaper per monitor, configurable.
xrandr works comfortably for me.