Hi, Hong Jen Yee,
Thank you very much.
No matter how great GNU and Linux movement, but we still shouldn't forget the other free software community movement, which may have a different philosophy. BSD, Apache, Mozilla is just some example of the free software community who believe that the GPL is not the best solution for all the things, so that they choose to create their own license. LXDE as a community is expected to be neutral and choose the LGPL as a license which is expected to be a solution to improve collaboration among the communities.

For newly written code, I think LGPL is good.

I hope this decission will bring a good sake for future LXDE-Qt and FLOSS movement.

This approach has some drawbacks as well.
When you choose LGPL, then you cannot use GPL'd code from other project, either.
For example, if we find a good piece of code in KDE that suit our
need, we cannot use it if it's GPL'd. It's the price we need to pay.

I think you don't need to worry, because as Kevin has said: "Anything a developer might use -> LGPL, anything only an end user would use -> GPL". It means KDELibs, KParts (library for building KDE applications such as Okular, Kopete, etc), and other good library things from KDE wasn't GPL. The only thing that may be worth for building a desktop environment, but under GPL is KWin.

After all, I just want to convey that LXDE isn't GNU/Linux centric, LXDE is for everyone in mind (BSD community, Apache community, common user, etc) even though it may be developed in Linux environment.

Best regards,
Ryan Bram