Hello everybody.

I just want to inform you that PC-BSD (desktop version of FreeBSD) is in progress of making new desktop environment called Lumina. For information that I got Lumina is a lightweight, qt-based, stable, fast-running desktop environment. My conclusion is Lumina share same goal as LXQT desktop. When I ask them about possibility to collaborate with LXQT project, they answer that it wasn't possible for following reason:
  1. LXQT is based on OpenBox, while Lumina is based on Fluxbox.
  2. LXQT is GPL licensed, while Lumina is BSD licensed.
  3. LXQT is Linux-specific, while Lumina is targeting FreeBSD (although it would probably only take a few minor changes to make it work on Linux too). The Razor-QT project (which LXDE has merged with) has been notoriously Linux-centric, such that it could not even be ported over to FreeBSD, so I don't get my hopes up that anything they produce will work on FreeBSD.
As an user who love both project, please find a way (maybe can be started by doing some initial discussion) for making collaboration between LXQT and PC-BSD's Lumina possible.

For more information, you may want to read this forum thread (Beanpole aka Ken Moore is PC-BSD developer)

Best regards,