Thanks, Hong Jen Yee for replying my messages.

On the lxde side, most components are GPL'd, and some contains LGPL
and MIT code.
Did you have any plan to relicensing those GPL component from LXDE to LGPL (e.g. PCManFM, LXDM, LxImage-Qt, etc).
I do not want to seem patronizing, but sometimes the selection of a license is become a political strategy for a free software to be widely accepted. For example is FreeBSD operating system. They moved almost all of their infrastructure from GCC to LLVM+Clang just for avoidng GPL software in their base system. It was a non trivial choice, but in reality they did it.

GNOME and KDE licensed their component mostly in GPL, so people who avoid GPL (for whatever reason) will look for alternative desktop environment that fit they needs. Building another desktop environment just for avoiding GPL is unnecessary for them, so they will consider to support development of LXDE-Qt that will become a win-win solution.

Long life LXDE-Qt.

Best regards,
Ryan Bram