Your themes look great. I almost suppose that those screenshot are coming from Unity and KDE, when in fact that those are LXQt screenshot (I'm familiar with PC-Man FM). I wonder why your message get to my Spam folder. Maybe because there are too many links.

Hope the developers aware about this and trying your theme.

Best regards,
Ryan Bram

2014-05-18 6:15 GMT+07:00 Inti Alonso <intialonso@yahoo.com>:
I have updated my LXQT install from Git and finally my panel is supporting opacity through the new #BackgroundWidget

Over this I modified my theme and create two versions, one opaque and one transparent.

Also I like the job that the design team from KDE is doing for the Plasma Next release, so i made a port of the look to LXQT, two themes, opaque and transparent.

Please help me testing this!



I have updated my LX
On Friday, May 16, 2014 8:58 PM, Inti Alonso <intialonso@yahoo.com> wrote:


I want to share this theme I have been working on, is unfinished and im looking to improve it in the coming days. I started by modifying the Ambiance theme, I must thank to his creator.

I cant see transparency (in the panel) in my system, with or without composition (neither Kwin or Openbox), so could be issues with that.

I had some problems with the link to the Mixer in the volumePopup, it seems impossible to change the font color or remove the underline (internet says it is a bug with QLabel and Rich text). Because of this the text will be unreadable over a dark background, so I choose to mimic it like some kind of button.



Excuse me for my english, evidently it is not my home language.

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