2014-05-14 21:49 GMT+07:00 Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com>:
I should have said proper, good-looking rounded corners :)

J. Leclanche
I don't know your meaning about good-looking rounded corners, but my previous screenshot showed that fluxbox rounded corner is beautiful enough. How to make something similar like Fluxbox in Openbox? Kwin can do that, but I want to keep my desktop light-weight. If what I need is to switch my WM to Fluxbox, but unfortunately it seems that there is no graphical way to configure Fluxbox in LXQt.

2014-05-15 1:12 GMT+07:00 Julien Lavergne <gilir@ubuntu.com>:
When Lubuntu will switch to Qt, it will be on the TODO list :-) There
were some discussions about graphics on LXQt on this mailing list, we
will also wait to see how it should be handle on Qt5 / LXQt ...
(remember, we are Gtk guys, we have to learn how things work on Qt
Cannot wait to see Lubuntu moved to Qt. I do not have any bad impression with GTK+, but by having pure Qt in my desktop will make my desktop looked as single piece rather than lego-like (^_~).

Maybe the following link can be of any help for you to learn about Qt (although it seems that you know them already)

Best regards,
Ryan Bram