2013/11/19 christian@surlykke.dk <christian@surlykke.dk>

Running lxde-qt as my desktop I ran into a small glitch: The script startlxde-qt runs:

lxsession -s LXDE-Qt -e LXDE

The -e switch defines name of the desktop environment, and it is stored into the XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP variable. 

Now, I'm on Arch, and use stock xdg-scripts. If I run

xdg-open some-file 

xdg-open decides, based on XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=LXDE, to hand over some-file to pcmanfm, but that fails as I haven't got pcmanfm installed (I have pcmanfm-qt).

Bottom line: I cannot, for example, open a downloaded pdf-file from my browser.

 This patch on lxde-common fixes it for me:

index 4a56d8d..8b1e7e3 100755
@@ -34,4 +34,4 @@ fi
 export XDG_MENU_PREFIX="lxde-"
 # Start the LXDE session
-exec lxsession -s LXDE-Qt -e LXDE
+exec lxsession -s LXDE-Qt -e LXDE-Qt

So we get XDG_CURRENT_SESSION=LXDE-Qt instead. I hesitate to commit && push, though, as I'm not sure it won't break something else. Does anybody know if this will cause problems? 

(Maybe we should decide a name for this brand-new desktop :-) Soonish. There is a risk if we use LXDE-Qt that 3rd-party tools and apps will begin to depend on it.)

-e is supposed to set the XDG desktop environment you want to run (like LXDE, GNOME, KDE ....). It's also useful for the .desktop which will be displayed on the menu. So, as LXDE-Qt is not an environment on XDG, is probably not a good idea.

I think the proper short-term fix is to symlink pcmanfm-qt to pcmanfm. I think what ever pcmanfm can open, pcmanfm-qt will be able to do the same job.

Julien Lavergne