2013/10/12 Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua>

Pjotr Vertaalt has written on Saturday, 12 October, at 12:27:
>In Lubuntu 13.10 I find the new lxsession-default-apps, but it's not
>translated at all into Dutch, although the Dutch LXDE translations at the
>Pootle server are at 100 % (and have been so for months).

>Are the strings for lxsession-default-apps translatable at all? They are
>supposed to be part of the source code for lxsession, or so I've heard...

    I believe that question should be addressed to the maintainer of the
lxsession, not to the translation team. I'm forwarding the question.

The strings are already part of the .pot file, so it should be translatable. Or maybe it needs a sync on the translation server ?

Julien Lavergne