2013/10/21 Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua>

Also lxsession-logout in GIT code crashes, I could not make it work.
It's not supposed to. I'll need more detail to reproduce it.

Also last night in IRC was exposed another problem: lxappearance does not
work with latest lxsession anymore. Well, it works if it's compiled using
configure option --enable-dbus, but if it's compiled with that option
then it _requires_ lxsession to work, it will not work without it. It is
inacceptable regression I believe. I'm sorry but I'm quite not happy with
all those lxsession design changes. May be we should fork it from point
before those changes and create some 'lxsession-classic' project without
vala and gtk+ at all? Or is it better to create some new lxsession from
scratch instead?
I don't know what I mess up with lxappareance, the changes was supposed to be backward compatible.

Also, I made several mail previously about the changes on lxsession, nobody seems to care about them until recently. All the changes was made to be backward compatible, and I still consider it as alpha stage. If you want to fork it, feel free to do it. You should start with the razor one, since it's already in C++ + Qt.

Julien Lavergne