> 2012/11/22 Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua>

> I asked that in mailing list, to find out what are the user expectations

> so I can try to fulfill them.


That's what I expect:

Open in New Tab: Mount drive, open them in a new tab
Open in New Window: Mount drive, open them in a new window
Open in Terminal: Mount drive, open them in a terminal
Open With...: "PCManFM", "Gnome Format" and similar tools
Properties > General > File Type: "Partition"
Properties > General > Open with: "PCManFM", "Gnome Format" and similar tools
Properties > General > Total Size of Files: Something like "Total Size of Partition"
Properties > General > Size on Disk: The used space on that partition
Properties > Permissions > Owner --> "root" or to whatever user "/dev/sdb5" belongs to
Properties > Permissions > Group --> "root" or to whatever group "/dev/sdb5" belongs to

Gnome Format:



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