Hi All,

I am new to lxde, leaving gnome after many years, I can't stand gnome3.

I did install a fresh new debian, as server (no desktop) then did a post install of lxde, and somme goodies like gparted, synaptic, update-manager-gnome, etc...

I can customise my desktop in a few minutes, yet comapred to gnome 2 I missing 1 things that is the 'add to pannel'

I'd like to my pannel ( tha tis vertical right) a few button to spwan command (most of the time a vnc log onto other display). So is it possible to add an application lauch or an 'run in a win command'?

I'd like to ask another question of a lesser importance, I'd like to know if we can configure lxde so that when moving a window, only its frame is moved, and it is repainted when we drop the drag. I saw a feature similar for 'resize' but not for moving, this would help slow conection i.e vpn+vnc.

Thax for the good work, lxde will save my life, I stayed away from ubuntu/opensude/mint because they enforce gnome3 or worst (unity), beeing a debian user, I was scared that next debian release would force me out, but with lxde I am saved :)