Hello everyone,
I'd like to give a Jon a hand with improving accessibility for lxpanel. I'm unfamiliar with the LXDE codebase and so I would appreciate it if someone more experienced could point me in the right direction. I'm not quite sure where and how to start.

- Dave

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Jonathan Nadeau <j.nadeau@charter.net> wrote:
Hello list,

I wanted to let you know about some things that I've found. The pcmanfm
file browser is accessible if I put the browser in list mode the Orca
screen reader can red the files! So that is great! So now there are only
two more issues. The first one is even though the file browser is
accessible if I put something on the desktop it is still inaccessible.
So the Orca screen reader can't read anything on the desktop. Then the
last issue is the lxpanel. But I know with the 2.0 version the lxpanel
is looking to be accessible. Please keep us up to date with the lxpanel.
Thanks for all of your hard work!

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