I want to give a lightning talk at BarCamp Melbourne about the LXDE project and improving compatibility and interoperability in Linux. This will be in a couple of hours from now - sorry I didn't think of it earlier :-).

I love the emphasis in LXDE on minimizing dependencies, and the libfm project to be able to share a library between file managers. (It seems crazy to me that there are so many file managers that each need to be maintained...

My question to this list:  Are there any other distros or teams interested in this? Has anyone from Xfce, for example, expressed interest in moving Thunar to this model, so that Thunar and PCManFM both use libfm?

(Btw, I saw a Raspberry Pi here, and was told that it comes with LXDE installed. Very cool.)

As always, excuse my lack of technical knowledge - I'm a user rather than a coder.
Chris Watkins

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