A shortcoming in a  software package may be a bug, but it's not "idiotic" - good & smart people work hard on this code, and that's not the best way to make them feel appreciated. (Probably you didn't mean it to sound insulting, but...)

Try removing the config folder (actually, rename it, so you have it as backup). Then restart, & it should be recreated with the default settings. You should find it at ~/.config/lxpanel (either rename that whole folder or you can hunt for a file or subfolder if you want).


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 10:05, Fernando Cassia <fcassia@gmail.com> wrote:
I have used XFCE based distros before (more appropiately, XFCE spins
of Fedora) for a long time. Now I decided to check out LXDE to explore
using it on legacy systems.

Thatīs why yesterday I downloaded the LXDE version of Fedora 15.

While I was fiddling (actually, trying to tweak the start menu by
removing the "release notes" folder) I selected the wrong option and
ended up deleting the start button.

1. How to recreate it?.

Then I decided to add the Keyboard Layout panel at the right side of
the bottom bar. I did, only to find later that it only showed the US
flag, and attempting to click on it (or right-click and selecting
settings) does NOT offer the option to add a new keyboard layout
(really idiotic behaviour, let you switch between keyboard layouts but
not offering the option to add a new one? there is not even a hint of
how to do it)

2. So frustrated, by that, I right-clicked and selected "remove
panel". To my surprise, I didnīt remove just the keyboard layout
switcher but the whole freaking panel at the bottom of the screen, the
whole bar.

3. Now Iīm left with a LXDE desktop without a start button, and the
whole panel removed (I guess the whole bar at the bottom of the screen
is a panel, in LXDE parlance, contrary to what Iīd have thought, ie
panels being elements of a bar).

4. Shouldnīt LXDE include a "lxde-rebuild.sh" script that restores
LXDE config as it originally was, to help recover the desktop and the
default panels in situations like this?.

5. REQUEST FOR ENHANCEMENT: ideally, when you right-click over a
panel, the affected panel should be highlighted, circled in red, or
something, to give the user an idea of what element (visually) is
going to be affected by any following operation selected (remove,
lock, etc). Think of it as 1996īs OS/2 Warp 4 "WarpGuide" feature that
highlighted certain visual elements of the UI

Of course, I might be asking about things that are already solved or
dcumented somewhere, but Iīm new wrt LXDE tweaking and Iīm lost. Iīve
searched for "LXDE lost panel" and "restore start button" "lxde" but
came up with nothing of relevance.

6. I was also unable to find how to make changes to the folder view
mode "globally". I wanted to set all folders view to "compact" (I
donīt remember if compact is the name of the option, I just remember
it provided tinier icons)

7. Also, why right-clicking on any empty space in the desktop to bring
the pop-up menu only includes two options "Create an empty file" and
"create a new folder" but not "create a program launcher"? How is one
supposed to create a new program launcher?

In short: LXDE so far fails the usability test

Thoughts? Comments? Expletives? (joke, joke).

Thanks in advance for your understanding

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