What about your panel? Does it now repeat too?

On Wednesday, November 21, 2012, Stephan Sokolow wrote:
I'm on Andrej's PPA and, a couple days ago, my desktop suddenly went
from stretching my background properly to fill both monitors (It's
designed to span two monitors) to repeating it once per monitor.

It's also started showing my desktop icons twice. (Once per monitor)

Given that this makes it completely impossible for PCManFM to display
different background content on each monitor (It's neither the old "Make
one big image" behaviour nor KDE's "Chop up your multi-monitor
background and set the files for individual screens" behaviour), this is
a pretty big regression.

Given that it's duplicating the icons, I'd say it's pretty clearly a bug.

Does anyone know if there was a change to the code recently which the
PPA might have picked up in a new build to cause this problem?

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