Yes, all fixes are in psipika's branch, unless you are also willing to
merge my 'gtk2-features' branch. :) Those are not huge features, but if
you are strict... Should I rebase or merge that into one branch?

If you could re-base it, I'd appreciate it - this way, I'll just do a pull  and continue development starting with your changes.
Julien, since you are effectively the lxpanel maintainer, do you want us
to apply patches from the "bug/patch/feature"-tracker (if they look ok)
for you to merge?

I think we should, but we should keep the list informed about what's being done - to avoid duplicate work.

As soon as I get some time, I'll try to put something together to keep track of what's being worked on.

Thanks again for your contributions and help.

Great to see a bit of movement here...  :-)

All the best!