2012/3/12 Julien Lavergne <gilir@ubuntu.com>
Is this git repo contains all fixes from the different git repos ? Just
to be sure to only have 1 merge to do :)

The gtk2-fixes branch contains the fixes from Henry's gtk2-fixes together with cleaning up all the compilation warnings.

I still have to get through Alexandra's repository and the fixes she cherry-picked from lxpanelx, but I will do that as I go through the bug/feature tracker (comparing what's requested to what's already been done).
>> > Can we convince the lxpanelx author to contribute and (as time goes on)
>> > merge upstream?
> I think one of the more 'senior' members on this list attempted to
> contact the lxpanelx developer, but I'm not sure what came out of it.
I already contacted him, but it doesn't really want to work upstream ...

Pity, as it looks like he's making a lot of progress on his fork...