Xfce translation project uses old version of transifex. If you look at transifex originsl page it looks different from xfce transifex site. New style, new features, etc. But it doesn't matter, it simply works and that's it. Several  years ago transifex had very poor context, a few features... Now it hosts many projects, easy to operate. I suppose it is worth trying.

Cool! Please keep us informed. :-)

It would be great to have a translation site again soon. :-)

Regards, Pjotr.

2013/3/7 gymka <gymka@archlinux.lt>:
> From lxde IRC:
> (17:22:53) LStranger: brother-: I think it would be good if you can take
> a look onto lxde-i18n ML. I'm sorry. :)
> (17:24:39) brother-: ok
> (17:24:42) brother-: not this week though

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