Thanks, this is brilliant.

Some early feedback; I'm guessing you're aware of most of it:

 - UX for when going to a directory that doesn't exist is pretty bad; I would suggest graying out the background and either an infobar or a chrome-style error message with a button to create the directory.
 - "Operation is not supported" on the gvfs stuff: the icons should be hidden or grayed out if they are unusable.
 - My cursor gets stuck to the "Waiting..." cursor after clicking about in the left panel.
 - Please implement zooming in/out with ctrl mousewheel and ctrl+/- :)
 - Applications in Open With / Properties have no icons
 - There's no way to permanently delete a file without moving it to the trash (shift-del)
 - "Open with pcmanfm-qt" on directories makes no sense :-)
 - Should be able to open directories in new tabs (ctrl+dblclick / rightclick->open in new tab)
 - Compress menu item doesn't do anything
 - Any way to filter current directory? (ctrl+f foo and only the matching items stay)

Very cool stuff otherwise. I love that we have quite a few solid qt file managers now :)

J. Leclanche

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 2:42 AM, PCMan <> wrote:
Hello world,
I just released PCManFM Qt file manager 0.1.0.
The tarball is available for download here.

You'll need libfm to build it (which is included in many distros).

This release contains no thumbnail support.
However a fully working thumbnail support is already in the git.
Because this requires some changes to the upstream libfm library,
it's scheduled for the next release and not make public at the moment.

To turn on the desktop icon management feature, run with the command:
> pcmanfm-qt --desktop

Generally it's a good idea to add this command to your session startup script.

To turn the desktop icon manager off again, do this:
> pcmanfm-qt --desktop-off

If you don't want to use the desktop icons, you can still add the
command to your session startup script:
> pcmanfm-qt --daemon

In this way, it will becomes a background daemon. Every time you need
to open a folder with pcmanfm-qt, it can be shown "immediately".

Thank you.

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