On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 9:53 AM, christian@surlykke.dk <christian@surlykke.dk> wrote:

* lightdm-greeter. I have no plans atm. to add new features to razor-lightdm-greeter, so it's mainly a matter of putting it into lxde-qt. So should it be a module of it's own (a bit small for a module perhaps) or where could it be placed? 
One problem, though, is that it shows razor's pizza-slicer icon. We'll need a new icon before we make an lxde-qt release :-).

The lightdm component is one I strongly feel (and always felt) we should split away from the main repo. This is a good occasion to do so for 0.6, what do you think?

J. Leclanche