On 4 July 2013 10:47, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
Will razor-qt source tree be separated into different modules in the future?

I agree that's needed. I can't say whether it will actually be done, as I don't commit a lot myself, but for the sake of cooperation I do believe we should make it possible to compile like that.
I believe razor libs are used for theming of the panel. I'm not sure the current approach is the best solution; it might be better if we make our theme config do the work of changing the panel config itself, rather than the panel pull in its config from razor theme. I don't know what else it's used for. 

CCing razor list as I'd like some comments from other devs in that regard.

If pcmanfm manages the desktop that's cool, although please do make sure it's optional (so that other users can choose to run a third party desktop widget if they choose to). razor-desktop is optional itself as well, so that's a win-win.
One issue with the file manager taking care of desktop management is the lack of support for extra desktop widgets (a desktop clock is the canonical example). In an ideal world, the desktop is managed by a desktop app (plasma, razor-desktop, ...) and file managers would provide some kind of standard interface to improve interaction between desktop and fm. I don't see that happening though. I believe it's more or less what plasma's FM widget does but that's still implementation-specific, so useless outside dolphin/kde.

What do you use libfm for in the panel? I'm guessing the menu? If so, I'd say that's an overreach from libfm.
I was thinking earlier about the possibility of razor-panel becoming its own third party app. Theming/branding are the main issue with that but not one that cannot be fixed.
If you have any pull requests that would improve interaction in that regard, make sure to CC me on them on github (@Adys), I'll review them as well.

J. Leclanche