(I'm sorry to gymka for sending this message again, I've missed lxde-i18n list "To" list.)

I cannot agree reverting translation project into Launchpad. all people can edit and check again, again and again.
criteria for translation can be changed or broken, repeatedly. These things can be occured from Launchpad.
so result will be messy and dirty. This phenomenon makes us too hard to maintain our translation.

so please consider this flaw of Launchpad system.

2013/3/7 gymka <gymka@archlinux.lt>
2013.03.06 20:41, PK rašė:
> LXDE has become an important flavour for many big distro's. But an
> important part of LXDE is in coma: the translations. Because the
> technical infrastructure for the translations (Pootle server) has
> disappeared a long time ago.
> My question is: should the distro's be warned against LXDE? So that
> they perhaps remove LXDE as flavour from their repositories, and
> choose another lightweight flavour, which does have a functional
> translation infrastructure?
> I don't mean this as criticism on LXDE, nor do I want to criticize the
> former maintainer of the Pootle server (who has done a great job for a
> very long time, and deserves many thanks!).
> But like it is now, LXDE is no longer a flavour which the big distro's
> can support, I think. So: should we warn them, because they probably
> don't know about the translation coma?
> What do you think?

Translation project died, after that none of projects was updated
(released new version) so none of translations became unreviewed by
translator. I think if someone will decide to release new version of
package they will ask to send updated version of translation to this
mailing list and will release package with updated translation.
So wtf? There is no problems, then there will be problems then we'll
search for workarounds.

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