2012/7/9 Hugo Florentino <sysadmin@cips.cu>
El 09/07/12 03:10, David Amian escribió:
Hi, as I can see, Hugo is the translator to spanish language. I have a suggestion in a translation, Hugo. You translate 'Display' as 'Mostrar' but in the context of string in the code, i think 'Visualización' it's more correctly translation.

It's only a suggestion.
I send this to the list becouse I created account in pootle but I don't have any permission, then i don't make suggestion there.


Allright, I will correct this. The problem is that since I use Debian stable, I cannot test translation of current version. If you could help with this, that would be great.

By the way, what is your login in Pootle, so I can give you the required permissions?

My user in Pootle is 'amian', and yes I can help with translation and I can test, I'm using LXDE in a OpenSuse

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