Attention, i'm not arguing on what is the best framework for you to use. I'm just arguing on the fact that right now we have a static "stable" gtk environment. from this perspective, the Qt development is a simple experiment that is taking away valuable time that could be use to improve the gtk release.

If you believe that Qt is better, not a problem, let's swap to Qt and develop in Qt... but at one point, better sooner then later, you will have to pick one, and focus your efforts on it.
this is why i wrote those questions before...

> where is the project going?
> what are the developers goals?
> what framework are you choosing to allow people to join and be productive?


2013/7/4 PCMan <>
This actually makes sense and is not a waste of time.
We need a reliable and productive toolkit for the future.
It's the attitude of upstream authors of the toolkits that really matters.
If they're against their users and only care about their own need and
branding, then it's not the right way to go.
To make the project better, we need a toolkit which is designed for
everyone and cares about different needs.
It's quite frustrating that during new gtk+ release your application
breaks so often.
Seeing what he said when choosing the new kernel scheruler, I think
Linus will also agree that the attitude of the maintainer is
The CK patch sets are quite awesome and I really like them, though.

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