so this basically means that lxde will soon be QT based DE correct?

This is the answer i was looking for. If that is going to happen, fine, no problem. lxde will be qt based and our efforts will focus on Qt. otherwise, as said, we should focus on improving what we have instead of experimenting.. once again, an answer to the 3 answer i made before will make it all clear!


2013/7/4 Julien Lavergne <>
2013/7/4 Andrea Florio <>:
> Attention, i'm not arguing on what is the best framework for you to use. I'm
> just arguing on the fact that right now we have a static "stable" gtk
> environment. from this perspective, the Qt development is a simple
> experiment that is taking away valuable time that could be use to improve
> the gtk release.

I'm not sure there is a lot of work done on the gtk2 part currently,
and gtk2 is going to be unmaintained shortly. As the gtk3 part is
blocked, pushing the Qt part doesn't sound like a total waste of time

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