OK, I've had an IRC conversation with the developers this afternoon. I'm reasonably optimistic that a solution is coming in the near future. See this IRC log:

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<pjotr> Hello, I want to make an urgent request that's of vital importance to LXDE: please create a new translation platform....
<pjotr> For almost a year, there has been no translation platform anymore for LXDE. The original Pootle server was discontinued. The LXDE translators have no decent tool anymore.
<pjotr> Translations are crucial for the growth of LXDE. Please give us translators a Pootle or Transifex site where we can continue to help translating!
<Norrland> pjotr: as you may have seen. It's on it's way.
<pjotr> Norrland: where can I see something about this?
<Norrland> here. On irc. Didn't see if you joined after 15:24 or not.
<Norrland> 1524 CEST time that is.
<pjotr> Norrland: I just joined a minute ago.... Can you tell me what's the news?
<Norrland> pjotr: the news is. We have a machine prepared. But not accessible until after the weekend.
<LStranger> Hello pjotr :)
<pjotr> Excellent news! Will it be Pootle or Transifex? And will it be announced on the translators' mailing list?
<Norrland> pjotr: Pootle as far as I know. brother- and me will sit down and fix things next week.
<LStranger> Norrland: BTW, tell me if I can help somehow, I have big experience with *nix administration and software setup.
<brother-> pjotr: Tx is way of the road map. weblate is of interest though
<brother-> pjotr: Pootle as base and probalby Weblate as supporting
<pjotr> brother- : OK... Any tool is alright with me. To me, all translations tools are fine.
<pjotr> I'm looking forward to next week, because there are a couple of errors in the Dutch translations that I want to fix
<brother-> pjotr: don't take it as "next week it will work" - we never said that. please don't have that as a plan.
<pjotr> brother- : what's a reasonable estimate then?
<melodie> pjotr you should just wait and think : "it will be ready when it will be ready"
<melodie> pjotr you can prepare your translations in poedit and keep them on your hard drive, or on a webspace somewhere if you prefer
<melodie> hi brother- o/
<melodie> hi LStranger :)
<pjotr> melodie: I've been waiting for more than six months.... :P
<pjotr> I only want to be able to continue helping
<melodie> then you can wait a few more days or weeks ?
<melodie> pjotr you can't do more at the moment, can you ?
<pjotr> melodie: no, indeed. I can only ask politely.... No harm in that, surely?
<pjotr> I only want to help translating again....
<melodie> to dutch ?
<pjotr> melodie: yes. I've done the Dutch translations for two years, and I've discovered some errors that I made
<melodie> to dutch only or do you know several languages ?
<melodie> ok
<LStranger> pjotr: you also can send your translations into mailing list if it's possible or put them into bug tracker and tell in the mailing list where they are, they will be applied to main sources eventually.
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<pjotr> LStranger: thanks, but as it appears that a new translation platform is coming soon, I think I'll wait a little more. :-)
<brother-> pjotr: the patch tracker can be used for updates. noone stopping you there
<pjotr> brother- : not my favourite way of dealing with translations. I apply many small improvements to my translations on many different times, and a bug tracker is not well suited for that way of work.
<pjotr> bug tracker = patch tracker
<pjotr> I'm an upstream translator for several projects, including XFCE, PC-BSD and Abiword. Translating Abiword was done that way (I used to send my translations to a mailing list), and that was very inconvenient for my way of working. Now they have a translation platform at Sugar Labs, thank heaven. :-)
<pjotr> Anyway: I heard some good news today. Thanks in advance for your efforts. Goodbye!

Regards, Pjotr.

2013/5/2 gymka <gymka@archlinux.lt>
2013.05.01 20:30, PK rašė:
> @Adolfo: it's very frustrating indeed.... Why are the devs doing this to
> us? Do they *want* to destroy an active and productive translators'
> community, or what?
> @gymka: in the past, you've had contact with a lead developer on IRC.
> Could you maybe speak to him again and tell him how concerned the LXDE
> translators' community is over this?
> Maybe if you tell him again how urgently we need a translation platform
> like Transifex or Pootle, he'll cooperate this time....
> Regards, Pjotr.
> 2013/4/29 Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <fitoschido@gmail.com
> <mailto:fitoschido@gmail.com>>
>     On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 4:29 PM, PK <pliniusminor@gmail.com
>     <mailto:pliniusminor@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     > Hopefully LXDE is still alive, although I doubt it, when I
>     consider the sad
>     > situation for the translations.... But if LXDE isn't dead yet:
>     should we
>     > take the translations downstream?
>     >
>     > I'm a Dutch translator at Ubuntu as well, and I might try to take
>     the Dutch
>     > translations to Launchpad, for the benefit of Lubuntu. This might
>     be a way
>     > to deal with the absurd and sad fact that we can't translate
>     anymore for
>     > LXDE.
>     >
>     > Are there any other downstream translators? If so, what do you think?
>     Yeah, I'm an Ubuntu translator as well. IIRC somebody set up a
>     Transifex project for LXDE so we can translate there and then export
>     our translations and submit them as bugs, their message is in this
>     list.
>     I'm really frustrated that no one in LXDE seems to care about
>     translations. We only want to help!

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