2013/7/25 Martin Bagge / brother <brother@bsnet.se>
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And lastly, regarding libfm. Since the reelase of bugfix version 1.1.1
earlier this week I have now switched the translations to target the
master branch and thus the upcoming 1.2 release. This means that
string in the branch might change from day to day. For languages
missing lots of strings I do recommend adding the translations but you
will need to tend to them at a later stage when we enter freeze. This
will probably happen in a month or something like that. Plenty of time.

Regarding this I´ve found out:

Tag <Not> may contain only <And><Or><Filename> or <Category> child

Merging file may contain only <Menu> top level tag, got <%s>

Invalid <MergeFile> tag

This <word> must stay as is or shoul/coud be translated? 

And these:

XML file doesn't contain Applications root

Invalid operation with menu root

What is this application/menu root?

And regarding %s some appear quoted and some don´t. Intended procedure?

Sérgio Marques