Hi Jerome,

How abou languages that were already in git? My language (Portuguese) is already there. Please check pcmanfm-qt_pt.ts and libfm-qt_pt.ts

Can you please upload them to pootle?


2014-08-06 16:27 GMT+01:00 Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com>:
Hi lists.

This is long overdue and I apologize for the delays.
I have set up pcmanfm-qt on pootle.lxde.org:
This is, for now, a test project to try out the workflow and make sure
committing works, etc. The set up is fairly different to the GTK

For now there are no special access rights set up for the project. If
someone needs some kind of acccess to it please let me know directly.
Likewise if anything is missing from the setup.
And please, report any bug directly to me as well.

Happy translating.

J. Leclanche

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