2013/3/9 gymka <gymka@archlinux.lt>
2013.03.09 14:28, Sérgio Marques rašė:
> 2013/3/8 Seong-ho Cho <darkcircle.0426@gmail.com
> <mailto:darkcircle.0426@gmail.com>>
>     (I'm sorry to gymka for sending this message again, I've missed
>     lxde-i18n list "To" list.)
>     I cannot agree reverting translation project into Launchpad. all
>     people can edit and check again, again and again.
>     criteria for translation can be changed or broken, repeatedly. These
>     things can be occured from Launchpad.
>     so result will be messy and dirty. This phenomenon makes us too hard
>     to maintain our translation.
>     so please consider this flaw of Launchpad system.
> I´m against it too.

two peoples are against suggestion which nobody proposed :D in this
topic was proposed TRANSIFEX, not LAUNCHPAD. you even don't know against
what you are signing :D

I know what I´m against of. I´ve only replied cause I could have missed something in this topic. 

If this is not the case, then I´m sorry for miss understanding

For transifex I´m in favor. 

Sérgio Marques