Good luck, PCMan :).

TRẦN Duy Hùng

On 29 July 2011 21:53, PCMan <> wrote:
Some may noted that the development of pcmanfm and other lxde stuff
slowed down significantly recently.
I'm currently preparing for my license examination in order to get my
license for internal medicine specialty.
The examination will be on Sep 24 and on Oct 16. If I can pass the
exam, I'll have more free time later.
In my country, it's a very important advanced license exam for medical
doctors. So I need to disappear for a while.
I'll still take some time to fix the most critical bugs like "failure
to build" or "segmentation fault on startup" when possible.
Other less critical ones will be postponed. Sorry for the inconvinience.

At this moment, I think it's reasonable to have a new 0.9.9 release
for pcmanfm first since much has been fixed so far. If some issues are
found after the release, a should be enough.
Any objection?
If there are no major blockers for a new release, I plan to do a
version bump for soname of libfm and do some final checks before the

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