I'm afraid it would be fairly long,
Short version:
קובץ מועתק
קבצים מועתקים
Long elusive version:
מתבצעת העתקה של קובץ
מתבצעת העתקה של קבצים

Grammatically they are both absolutely fine.
If you think it's good enough I'll pass on the bug and just go with it.

Yaron Shahrabani
<Hebrew translator>

On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 12:49 PM, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

Yaron Shahrabani has written on Sunday, 12 January, at 11:12:
>Hi, I've discovered a non-i18n bug.

>%s files (http://pootle.lxde.org/he/libfm/translate.html#unit=246165)
>%s file: (http://pootle.lxde.org/he/libfm/translate.html#unit=246166)
>%s files: (http://pootle.lxde.org/he/libfm/translate.html#unit=246170)

>In Hebrew single file removal is different from multiple file removal.

>The word "copying" as used in: "Copying files" is different than "Copying

    The word "copying" may be translated by different ways. In Ukrainian
one of ways is different too ("Копіюється файл" / "Копіюються файли") but
other ways may be the same ("Копіювання файлу" / "Копіювання файлів" or
"Копіюємо файл" / "Копіюємо файли"). I really wanted to make less work
for translators, it's why I made some matrix from the words. I hope that
can be solved in Hebrew too. Let me know, please.

>Kind regards,

>Yaron Shahrabani

    With best regards.

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