2013/8/7 Kuzma Shapran <leaf.on.wind@gmail.com>
My opinion:
1. lxqt
2. lxqt
3. I think we discussed that we do not provide backward compatibility.
4. It's really good to use C++ namespace rather than C-style prefix, so: lxqt::

I agree: lxqt, lxqt and lxqt::  . And we do not need to be backward compatible.

br. Chr.
5. I just checked and really found 1 file (razorshortcutbutton_p.h) in librazorqt - it's not used and it had to be removed with other old files when the current global shortcuts were implemented. so ignore it.
"razor-global-key-shortcut-selector" library contains a widget to select a shortcut - it's used in config dialogs of apps and plugins which support global shortcuts, it's also used in global shortcut config app: "razorqt-globalkeyshortcuts/config".
"razor-global-key-shortcuts-client" - is a library which is actually connects to global shortcut daemon. it's used in apps and plugins which support global shortcuts, but not used in the config app.
They potentially could be merged, but "razor-global-key-shortcuts-client" does not requires QtGui/QtWidgets, while "razor-global-key-shortcut-selector" is purely a UI widget, so in short words - it's better to keep them separately, I think.


P.S. I had a problem with naming this global shortcut system - I don't really like this huge "razor-global-key-shortcuts-...". Any naming suggestions are welcome!

On 7 August 2013 14:21, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 11:30 PM, Александр Соколов <sokoloff.a@gmail.com> wrote:
> I changed libqtxdg now it provide cmake find file. So cmake for the
> application what use qtxdg should be like
> find_package(QTXDG REQUIRED)
> include(${QTXDG_USE_FILE})
> worked example
> https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt/blob/separate-build/razorqt-confupdate/CMakeLists.txt
> You can copy razorqt-confupdate into separate dir and build it.
> 2013/8/6 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>
>> I just made liblxqt (formerly librazorqt) compile independently.
>> The fix is a little bit ugly (copy and paste from the toplevel
>> CMakeLists.txt).
>> Anyway, it works.
>> I haven't change its binary name, so it's still librazorqt now.
>> Later we can rename it, and start fixing other components depending on it.
>> I'll start with some less important stuff, such as razor-about and
>> razor-policykit.
>> I won't touch the panel, which is by far the most complicated thing,
>> at the moment.
> I have such patches for librazor, let's I change it.
> --
> Best regards,
> Alexander.

Cool! I just tested libqtxdg and it compiles well.
There are some issues I'd like to ask for opinions.

1. component naming:
Should we use "lxqt-" prefix proposed earlier or it's better to use
"lxdeqt-"? It's a little weird sometimes that the binary name is
different from project name.

2. dir naming:
Should the config and data dirs be named lxqt, or lxdeqt, or lxde-qt?

3. API naming:
Should we retain Razor* names for all of the APIs for backward
compatibility, or we need to rename them to LxQt* and do typedef for
Razor ones for backward compatibility?

4. C++ Namespace:
Should we prefix every class name with "Razor" (or "LxQt", "LxdeQt"),
or we should use C++ namespace? (for ex: Razor::Panel or
LxdeQt::Panel). We used C++ namespace in lxde-qt, but if you prefer
the current way, I'm OK with adding prefix to every class name and
ignore C++ namespace, too.

5. There seems to be different parts of global shortcut stuff put
separately in three places. librazorqt, and the other 2 libs in
razor-qt/libraries. What's the relationship among them? Can we
simplify this and put them in one single component?

Comments are wanted so we can continue.
Thanks a lot!

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