2013/10/31 Alexis López Zubieta <azubieta@estudiantes.uci.cu>
Hi list:

Integration between applications is needed if we wan to create a functional desktop and also in order to reduce memory consumption.
Right now how we set the proxy configuration for the whole desktop without closing the session? Should we make something similar to the mechanism to change the style? An alternative is to have a central configuration space where the application share data. Just like gsettings and his alternatives.

I want to introduce a weightless alternative that only share the environment variables, and notifies the modifications. It is based on debus and is divided in two parts a server an a client. It should run at the beginning of the session so it must be part of it. I'm wondering if you are interested in have such functionality. If so where should I put the code, in liblxqt or in liblxqt-common ? also lxqt-session shuld be modified.

Best wishes.

Alexis López Zubieta
Nova Light Development Team
University of Informatics Sciences (Cuba)

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   http://code.google.com/p/proxymanager/ is a different approach some might find useful. At least I do ;-) It deals reasonably well with http(s) proxying. ftp- and socks not so much.. But maybe that could be fixed.

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Considering your proposal: If I read your mail correctly and what you have in mind is a dbus-service, I think a standalone-application is the correct approach. You can then configure lxsession to launch that application at session start up. I don't think there is need for code in the libraries.

br. Chr.
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