2013/10/18 Steven Vanden Branden <stevenvandenbrandenstift@gmail.com>
ok thanks for the info, and im using the patched lightdm-razor-greeter from the AUR of archlinux for the moment that why i asked the question.

BTW is there any intention te create a single package of lxqt like razor-qt had one in the aur? because placing every part of lxqt in the aur would make it very hard to find all packages , maybe a meta aur package could do the trick?

Well, first we need someone to step up and package lxqt for aur :-) Then that person decides. The fact that lxqt is developed as a set of smaller modules does not preclude combining it into one package in aur (or two or three...) I'd agree (being an arch user myself) that having one package in aur per lxqt module could be painful. As of now, I don't know of any activity to do the packaging. But then again - it's early days.

br. Chr. 

met vriendelijke groeten,

Steven Vanden Branden

2013/10/18 christian@surlykke.dk <christian@surlykke.dk>

2013/10/18 Steven Vanden Branden <stevenvandenbrandenstift@gmail.com>
Hello all,

firsly im not sure i send this message the right way.

But anyway what are the plan for the future with regard to the display manager that going to be used. Since i run a gtk-free desktop i would like to know if the lxdm display manager will be converted or if the lightdm-razor-greeter will be continued.

I intend to keep on maintaining lightdm-lxqt-greeter (the name is not final). I don't think that excludes the possibility of also having an lxdm module, if anybody wants to do that.

br. Chr.
met vriendelijke groeten,
with kind greets,

Steven Vanden Branden

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