FYI I've made some work on lxqt-powermanagement. 

Most important:

* I've gone back to having one executable monitoring battery, lid and user idleness. I previously had changed it to 3 applications (which seemed to me a brilliant idea at the time :-) ), but after trying it on my own desktop it felt a PITA, so I've reverted.
* I've added a few more options to lid-watcher (to be set up via lxqt-config-powermanagement), so that the action on lid-close can depend whether you are on battery or AC and whether an external monitor is plugged.
* Idleness is now able to trigger the same actions as battery-low and lid-closed, and those are the actions that lxqt-power offers. This has the unfortunate consequence that lxqt-powermanagement can _not_ lock the screen on user idleness (which is what Alec Moskvin had originally implemented). But I think the best way to do it is to add screen-locking to lxqt-power which I will do, hopefully, in a couple of weeks. 
* I've changed the name of the config-file from lxqt-autosuspend.conf to lxqt-powermanagement.conf and also changed the layout of that file somewhat. That means that any settings you had will be lost. As LxQt is a brand-new desktop, not yet in alpha-release, I considered that ok. First time you run lxqt-powermanagement with the new config-file, it will (if you have lxqt-notification running) prompt you to run lxqt-config-powermanagement.

I'd be very grateful for feedback on the layout of the settings-gui and the wordings (not being a native english speaker).

br. Chr.