2014-05-19 1:07 GMT+02:00 Inti Alonso <intialonso@yahoo.com>:
Hi, wich display manager is the LXQT "official" one?

Im usign SSDM as described by the aur install (Im on Manjaro), but have noticed that the themes include Lightdm greeters.

As Im working in some themes I will like to know if I have to design a login screen for SSDM or Lighdm.

SSDM is the official displaymanager for lxqt. If you want to design a login screen, you should do so for SSDM.
I maintain a greeter for lightdm as an optional module. lxqt-lightdm-greeter has configurable background - so if you make a background/wallpaper/something we can probably use it lxqt-lightdm-greeter as well.

br. Chr.
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