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Sorry to bother you guys with the same topic again.
It's really time-consuming to do the communication stuff, but it's inevitable.
It's better to have some consensus before really starting coding.
While the razor guys are doing their best pushing razor-qt 0.6 as
planned, I'd like to start preparing for the merge earlier.

I wrote another wiki page, which is a draft for the merge and hope we
can coordinate better.
It also documented what we already have (but the list is not complete).


Nothing is settled done yet. It's only a draft.
Some are just my own opinions and I wrote them down for ease of discussion.
Anything can be changed if anyone has different opinions.
Feel free to add different opinions either on the wiki page or discuss
in the ML.

Previously we discussed about using single monolithic repo or
splitting razor-qt into smaller repos.
Seems that there are no objections about splitting it into smaller pieces.
I'd like to know if it's the right time to do it, or we need to wait
for razor-qt 0.6 release?

We also need to know who is interested in working on which part so we
won't duplicate the work.

I'll work on:

* lightdm-greeter. I have no plans atm. to add new features to razor-lightdm-greeter, so it's mainly a matter of putting it into lxde-qt. So should it be a module of it's own (a bit small for a module perhaps) or where could it be placed?†
One problem, though, is that it shows razor's pizza-slicer icon. We'll need a new icon before we make an lxde-qt release :-).
* razor-autosuspend I'd like to rewrite razor-autosuspend into two applications: One monitoring the lid, and one monitoring the battery (follow the principle of 'do one thing and do it well').

* razor-screen-locker. Alec Moskvin started this, but I don't think he'll be working further on it. He wrote a todo-list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/razor-qt/1SXteGRKB7I), and I'll work from that.†

With razor-autosuspend split in two together with razor-screen-locker we'll have 3 power-management applications:†

- a battery-monitor
- a laptop-lid-monitor†
- a user-idleness-monitor.†

Hmm. Maybe it was a bit unclear why I consider razor-screen-locker part of power-management: In addition to locking the screen it should be able to dim screen/suspend/hibernate/shut down.†

br. Chr.
This covers at least what I personally need from my desktop

* razor-config-file-associations. Again - I have no plans for new features, so it is mainly a question of how it should be placed in the lxde-qt repositories. There may be some issues regarding xdg-spec-compliance, but this should be dealt with in the qtxdg libraries. Alexander has written most of that, but I'll help out if I can.

br. Chr.

Regarding to the lxde side:
I'll work on the file manager part and try to see if I can make a
obconf qt port (openbox configuration tool).
About the panel, I'm willing to work on razor-panel instead of my own
poor lxpanel-qt. After I finish my file manager stuff, I'll see if
there's anything I can help for razor-panel.
Andriy is working on libfm and will make a new release soon.
Julien is working on lxsession now.
BTW, Julien, would you please document the dbus interface lxsession
currently provides in the wiki?

Since lxsession is currently more feature-rich than razorqt-session
and it's a non-GUI program, I'd like to know if we can use lxsession
and make it adopt current razorqt-session features, including the
config dialogs.
Or if there're objections, at least we can make lxsession and
razorqt-session interchangeable first.
Comments are really wanted.

Thank you all.

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